Percorso Kneipp


Kneipp therapy in Val di Rabbi

Is a therapy trail divided into stages for one’s physical well-being and relaxation while in contact with natural elements, walking barefoot. Indeed, Sebastian Kneipp considered barefoot walking extremely important since the muscles in the feet strengthen and the “aching-beneficial” feeling on the foot stimulates the entire body and its inner organs. Guests start walking in the shallow water slowly, experiencing the beneficial massage of round pebbles to the sole of their feet which are then warmed by standing on black rock gravel. Next follows a dip in a tub where the veins react positively and is therefore recommended to who suffers from varicose veins. Along the trail there are

loungers where to relax and sunbathe and a granite fountain to drink from and make clay poultices. Clay prevents and delays inflammations and has a high level of absorption of toxic and polluting substances. Circulation is strengthened, tissues are activated and the toxic substances are transported to the substrates of the skin and eliminated through the vascular system. Further along the trail there are cool water jets to wash one’s body. They are an excellent beauty enhancer when applied after exposure to the sun when the body is hot. They also reduce catarrh and strengthen the body by stimulating circulation with a refreshing action that helps to control tachycardia.

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1.      Admission ticket:

 -          3€ single entrance

-          20 € seasonal ticket.

 Free entrance for:

-          Val di Rabbi inhabitants;

-          Rabbicard owners;

-          For each adult one free child under 14.

There is one free entrance for Trentino Guest Card owners.

 2.      The path has to be done with bare feet.

It is forbidden to enter the path with shoes, only slippers are permitted.

 3.      The route is suitable for adults.

Children under 14 years can enter the path only with partners/supervisors.

Close to the kneipp centre there is the recreation ground for the younger.

4.      It is advisable to maintain an atmosphere of peace and calm.

 5.      Smoking and eating are forbidden.

 6.      Animals can not enter.

7.      It is forbidden to throw stones into the lake.

8.      Duration of the visit: 1- 2 hours.

9.      The manager of the area denies all responsibility for loss and theft of personal effects.

Please inform the staff about not suitable behaviours, malfunctions and damage.


Appartamenti classificati: i nidi

Rabbivacanze propone una nuova classificazione degli appartamenti ad uso turistico dislocati sul territorio della Val di Rabbi. L’obiettivo è quello di garantire massima trasparenza delle informazioni e della qualità dell’offerta.

Scarica il documento per scoprire le modalità di classificazione!


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