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The Terme di Rabbi spa, surrounded by pine and larch forest in the Stelvio National Park, combines the properties of the mineral water with the allure of one of the most unspoiled landscapes in the whole of the Alps. The beauty of the National Park, which was founded more than 70 years ago, provides a unique and unsurpassed setting for a wellness holiday.

The Terme di Rabbi spa is a modern and welcoming facility where you will immediately feel at home, where the staff work professionally and with passion to make every guest’s stay a relaxing and refreshing experience.



The Terme di Rabbi water has been known since ancient times for its healing properties and was called a “natural elixir” by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Our Thermal Spa is the place to savour some special moments for anyone staying for a few days. The Kneipp water therapy path, with its cobblestone surface, is the quintessential treatment, perfect after a day’s walking to dissipate the lactic acid and also the ideal cure for circulatory problems, including cellulite.
The Thermal Spa also includes a whirlpool bath with 8 positions, sauna, Turkish bath and thermal showers. Herbal teas are also available.


The centre offers deep massage and physiotherapy along with beauty treatments such as mud and peat wraps, all delivered using the exclusive range of “FerrumC” spa products based on the mineral waters and mountain herbs. The spa also offers tecar therapy and activities to improve posture.

Some proposals:

•    Hay bath and spring water with cleansing wrap for the liver 

•    Thermal herb bath with Kneipp water therapy path and mountain fragrances 

•    Herb wraps, Kneipp water therapy path and spring water


The spa water is recognised for treating arthritic and rheumatic conditions, vascular disease, particular cellulite, respiratory and gastro-intestinal conditions. The waters are rich in mineral salts, iron oxide and sodium and high in carbon dioxide and bicarbonate.

List of treatments available at the Terme di Rabbi spa. Please note that these treatments are also available for the conditions specified by Ministerial Decree 12/12/94:

•         chronic inflammation of the veins;

•         osteoarthritis and other degeneration forms;

•         ENT and respiratory illnesses;

•         conditions of the gastro-intestinal and bile systems. 

Spa treatments of these conditions are covered by the Italian national health system, subject to having a prescription drawn up by your doctor (GP or specialist in one of the branches relating to the conditions which may benefit from the treatments).


Find energy and relaxation in the Val di Rabbi. Wherever you cast your gaze, the verdant green of the landscape will draw your eye, a symbol of pure energy. Mother nature is in charge of people’s rhythms and rituals. Her generosity has given us precious elements such as water, flowers, fruit and minerals. For anyone looking for natural wellness, to centre themselves and restore their forces, we offer a wide range of treatments which combine ancient knowledge, natural elements and modern science. Beauty requires inner and outer harmony, using the gifts which nature has bestowed on us.


Every day, the specialists at the Terme di Rabbi  help our bodies to recover their natural flexibility with exercises led by our in-house specialists. Some of these can be performed either inside or outside.


20 June - 19 September.
The Terme di Rabbi is closed in winter.

Opening times:
from Monday to Saturday 08:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 20:00.
Closed Sundays.


Take with you this simply suggestions to take care of you all year round

1.               Smile and the whole world smiles with you. A smile spreads happiness, for both the giver and the receiver. Never pass up the opportunity to share a smile! Start walking, one step at a time.

2.               Devote a few minutes a day to walking, because it is the journey that counts, not the destination. Plant your foot on the ground and feel the force that springs from the centre of the earth.

3.               We are what we eat! Nourish your body with proper, natural and colourful food. Nourish your mind too. Move your body in a dance in harmony with nature.

4.               Move your body in a dance in harmony with nature. Choose your own time and rhythm, matching the natural flow of life. Enjoy simple pleasures every day.

5.               Drink pure, fresh water. Hydrate yourself every day, discover the restorative power of water. Breath deeply.

6.               Stop everything and allow yourself at least 3 deep breaths, imagining the journey that the fresh mountain air takes to reach the centre of your body.

7.               Listen to your heart, to your feelings and your desires. The harmony of nature and the wonders of creation will follow you like beautiful music. Free your mind with dance and let your ideas grow in you.


Holiday apartment ratings:

Rabbi Vacanze has launched a new rating system for holiday homes in the Val di Rabbi using ‘nests’. The aim is to provide full transparency about the information provided and the facilities on offer. Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

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