Let’s speak Rabies!


The Val di Rabbi has its own dialect, called Rabiès.

It is the main language of the local community, one which is still used every day, a living language which is constantly evolving but which the inhabitants seek to preserve. The dialect adds to the sense of belonging for inhabitants of the valley. It is what makes them unique and distinguishes them from others. But while it is important, it is also fragile, with the risk that it could be lost to future generations.

The desire to protect the dialect was behind the 2013 publication of a Rabiès-Italian dictionary, the result of a long-term research project. It represented a major commitment to preserving the valley’s traditional dialect which is slowly evolving, becoming ever more like the dialects spoken in the neighbouring Val di Sole and the rest of Trentino.

To avoid losing this key component of the local identity, the working group collected a huge number of words which would otherwise be lost, producing a collection of common rules for writing in the Rabiès dialect.

It covers everything from A and the verb “abadar”, meaning to look after, To Z, with the noun “züech”, meaning a twig.


Holiday apartment ratings:

Rabbi Vacanze has launched a new rating system for holiday homes in the Val di Rabbi using ‘nests’. The aim is to provide full transparency about the information provided and the facilities on offer. Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

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