Ice climbing

Ice climbing

Not for the faint-hearted!

Ice climbing in Valorz 

In the magnificent Valle di Valorz, on the south side of the Val di Rabbi, is the wondrous Valorz amphitheatre which, in winter, is dominated by the frozen ice flows that cover the wild rocky cliffs of this little valley.

Ten beautiful frozen waterfalls form one of the most popular ice climbing arenas in the Alps, which were first climbed in the 1980s. They offer a range of difficulty levels, with climbs of between 100 and 250 metres.

There are six main cascades: (from right to left) Cascata Madre, Cascata degli Angeli, Cascata del Salto Mortale, Cascata della Grotta, Cascata del Sentiero and the Sputo di Rospo, along with four other minor waterfalls.

This basin is a one-hour walk from San Bernardo village (recommended car park at the tourist office) or, if the snow and ice conditions allow, you can continue by car until the no entry point, which cuts the walking time to 30 minutes.

Be aware of the risks of mountain environments, especially the avalanche risk level (particularly on the western side of the valley). Be very careful and use your experience, understanding of weather conditions and the suitability of the routes.

Ice Climbing in Val Saent

Another environmentally important place is the Val di Saènt, inside the Stelvio National Park, which is around one hour’s walk from the Colèr car park, along footpath 106 towards Rifugio Dorigoni. Here you can find three stunning ice waterfalls.

For more information and clarifications, please contact the Val di Sole Alpine guides or visit the Mas dela Bolp website for regular updates.


Holiday apartment ratings:

Rabbi Vacanze has launched a new rating system for holiday homes in the Val di Rabbi using ‘nests’. The aim is to provide full transparency about the information provided and the facilities on offer. Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

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