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Children are our future: and we take care of them!

In Val di Rabbi we think about that with colour, nature, fresh and clean air and funny playgrounds!

The first one is near the Kneipp Centre in San Bernardo. Here children can enjoy the natural beauty through a floating raft on a clear little lake, discover the dam’s operation or climbing on a wooden construction that seems like a bear.

The wood is the main character of all the playgrounds in Rabbi: also in the green grasses at Plan there are different attractions such as slides, swings and pulleys that release the wood’s fragrance! Discover also the eagles sculpted into the wood.

Reaching the end of the valley you will find the Park Game, near the Coler parking areaa. Getting to know the Park and enjoying yourselves is a fascinating adventure that, in the Val di Saènt, is tinted with the colours and sounds of nature. Making discoveries and new experiences by using one’s senses is the theme of “The Park Game”, in an area for playing and learning that has been created to give boys and girls an opportunity to experience fully the sensations produced by a contact with nature. The activities in this games area make use of very different materials: iron, air, stone, wood and water that are part of the protected area’s environment and help to describe its territory, plants and animals. How do the players in this game move about? They take on the shapes of the animals that live here, such as red deer, marmot, eagle and… man. The information available on notes and information panels stimulates the children’s fantasy, and they will learn to observe the environment and to find out more about the Park.

The area for playing and learning is located on the very spot where masses of detritus, which was washed down the slope, accumulated after the landslide in September 1999, devastating the Val di Saènt.


Appartamenti classificati: i nidi

Rabbivacanze propone una nuova classificazione degli appartamenti ad uso turistico dislocati sul territorio della Val di Rabbi. L’obiettivo è quello di garantire massima trasparenza delle informazioni e della qualità dell’offerta.

Scarica il documento per scoprire le modalità di classificazione!


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