The mating call of the stags

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Autumn in the Val di Rabbi is a riot of colours! The air is cooler and the forests are dyed a thousand shades of red, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The start of the season is ideal for mushroom picking, whilst the “Desmalghjada” festival celebrates the return of the livestock from the high summer pastures.

But, above all, autumn is the perfect time to venture into the forest, trying not to be noticed, to witness the extraordinary mating ritual of the stags, who can be seen at dusk in clearings on the edge of the forest. From the end of September to mid-October, when walking at higher altitudes, it is not unusual to come across the mating call of stags which gather around the females to breed. During this season, the males emit their calls, which are like a hoarse bellow, as part of their mating ritual.

They seek to establish dominance over other males for control of a group of females to mate with, protecting them against any adversaries.
This is a must-see event in the Val di Rabbi: in the protected area of the Stelvio National Park, the animals enjoy more freedom and are more confident around people. From dusk to dawn, and even during the day in quieter areas, the enchanting vocal duel of two competing males fills the forest with noise. One of nature’s marvels which will astound anyone who is lucky enough to witness it.

The Stelvio National Park organises walks to see the deer during the mating season and to hear their call, surrounded by the brightly coloured autumnal landscape which natures treats us to at this time of year.


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