Your perfect holiday in the Italian Alps at any time of the year

The perfect place in the Italian Alps for your mountain holiday all year-round!
Whatever the season, this is a region packed with excitement and experiences to delight you!

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Summer holidays in the Val di Rabbi

The Val di Rabbi, with its rich and vibrant green landscape, its sparkling waters and Alpine ambiance is the perfect place for anyone who loves walking or outdoor activities.
There are so many varied routes which help you get out into the wilderness: from Nordic walking to mountain biking, or just relaxing strolls in the woods with the chance to fully enjoy the intense colours and aromas of the forest, accompanied by the soundtrack of burbling streams and the harmonies of the birds’ singing.

The undergrowth offers a wealth of different types of mushrooms which can be picked if you have the necessary permit. On the other hand, if you want to savour our authentic local cheese at source, you can take the gravel tracks that lead to the high pastures and Alpine dairies, or malghe, where in summertime the cattle graze and milk is made into cheese using the dairyman’s traditional craft.
For more experience hikers, there is no lack of choice, with an extensive network of footpaths leading to the higher lakes and mountain huts (Rifugio Dorigoni and Rifugio Lago Corvo) at more than 2,000 metres above sea level, and onwards to the summits of mountain passes leading to the surrounding valleys (such as the Val di Sole or the German-speaking Val Martello and Val d’Ultimo).

Down in the valley, the Rabbies river, with its crystal-clear waters, provides the perfect habitat for huge numbers of marble trout and brown trout. This makes it a favourite destination for anglers, who need a government licence and guest permit or a tourist permit.

Winter holidays in the Val di Rabbi

If you are looking for a different type of winter holiday in the Italian Alps, the Val di Rabbi has a lot to offer. Experience the mountains in a different way, wandering through the forests discovering animal tracks in the snow.
The valley is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys snowshoe walking, an activity which is very fashionable yet which also takes you back in time, when people had to use these wooden contraptions just to get around.

There is so much fun to be had, whether sliding down snowy slopes on sledges or toboggans, or tackling ski touring routes, always ensuring you do so carefully and safely. The effort it takes to reach the summit is rewarded with thrilling descents and breathtaking views: a unique landscape where tiny settlements are dotted across the mountain sides of larch and pine forest, with not even a hint a ski lift to spoil the view.

The silence and the purity of the snow can also be enjoyed on skis at the cross-country skiing centre in Plan, in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. A piste which offers both the excitement of skiing in beautiful surroundings and a technical challenge, particularly in the evening under the floodlights. And for the more intrepid adventurer who enjoys ice climbing, what could be better than the incredible natural amphitheatre of Valorz, which in winter is dominated by the icy sculptures of the frozen waterfalls. A dozen beautiful frozen waterfalls with difficulty ratings from 3 to 6, offering climbs of between 80 and 250 m at a gradient of between 45° and 90° together forming one of the most popular ice climbing arenas in the Alps, where the first ascents were made in the 1980s.
For downhill skiing, the extensive ski area of the Val di Sole is only a short journey away (around 15 km).

Springtime holidays in the Val di Rabbi

Bright green is the predominant colour of the valley in spring, the season when nature rouses from its winter slumber.
Above all, however, the green of the landscape demonstrates how well this land has been conserved through forestry and animal grazing. The feeling of reawakening can be felt in the villages too, with the springtime festivals in Piazzola and Pracorno in honour of their patron saints.
These events, which are much-loved by the Rabbi residents, are held in May.

Autumn holidays in the Val di Rabbi

Autumn in the Val di Rabbi is a riot of colours! The start of the season is the ideal time for mushroom picking and to get a flavour of the local traditions with the ‘Desmalghjada’, the celebration of the return of the livestock from the high-altitude summertime pastures. It is an important festival for the whole town. The cows are dressed with wreaths of flowers and traditional shepherds’ food is served, the sort of dishes eaten on the high pastures during the summer.

Autumn is the perfect time to venture into the forest, trying not to be noticed, to witness the extraordinary mating ritual of the stags. There are many different types of animals who live in the national park. The most majestic of all is the stag, who can be seen at dusk in clearings on the edge of the forest. In autumn, witness their spectacular mating ritual: the splendour of the sounds and colours of the forest crowned by the vocal duels of the males seeking to assert their supremacy. The thrill of this show of nature has to be experienced in the Val di Rabbi, which has one of the densest populations of deer in Europe.
The walks hold no technical challenges but require a basic level of fitness for day-long hikes.


Holiday apartment ratings:

Rabbi Vacanze has launched a new rating system for holiday homes in the Val di Rabbi using ‘nests’. The aim is to provide full transparency about the information provided and the facilities on offer. Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

Download the document to find out more about how they are graded.

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